03 June 2019

Some new routes

Thad left home at 515 and was at my house at 6.  we had to replace a brake disk pad.

After an hour we were passing my favorite chai stop.  We said why not and had two cups each and a chapati. The owner uses 25-50 kg of flour daily making half cake and chapati.  He is a regular machine.  His children are fastest waiters in west of town.

Normal routes up past Sambasha but it was glorious. 

The steep canyons remain indigenous mostly untouched forest.  We stopped to listen to turacos and colubus.

the peak of THE mountain came out and we were thinking it was going to be a sunny day. 
We rode down on deeply rutted track but zero dust.  Normally this is six inches of chain drying dust.  Accross the road up to the plateau.  lots of asking which track.  Came to a newly constructed road.  Were told no one is to ride but becuase we spoke the national language were given permission. 

By now it was overcast .  came out on the single track up to plateau. and decided it was all we had time for when we got to the planted forest.  Had second breakfast and talked to a bunch of ladies going for grass.  Now we were in heavy clouds.  lots of roads and trails going to oldonyo sambu , lengijave, ngaremtoni, olmotonyi.  We were having time of our life coasting down to wherevever we would pop out.  a bit of dust already.

got under the clouds and found this single track into lengijave.  drafted each other the rest of the way

16 July 2018

Club tour, Lengijave - Ketumbeine - Monduli Juu

It was time for another club supported tour.  This time camping and bush riding.  Seeing animals like this is pretty cool.

We rode on dirt roads to Lengijave.  Then inevitably we stopped here for the view and looking where we are going.

As we crossed the valley we had this short carry.

Thad noticed this lizard being eaten by a small snake in the trail, and we had to move it off the trail.

Great riding in the valley.

Sometimes not any shade trees to stop by but it was overcast most of the time.

Waiting for the vehicle to bring lunch as it had to drive way around.  We messed up and the vehicle took another track, eventually we got them on the right jeep trail
 vehicle came and Sune helping cook.

Lelo's amazing trailer complete with a chef. 

The last section down the rift valley escarpment.

We almost got  arrested ( Moses sorted it out.) and ended up camping here.  Were good friends with the masai balozi after a bottle of gin was shared.

Younger masai came around also.

Day 2 and we drop the final bit into the basin and leave the jeep track.

 Eventually it is just picking our own way

 A wide expanse of sand.  not easy

 Sune likes riding with hood up

We saw fair amount of giraffes, gazzele, zebra, ostrich.

On the main track. A big road.

Then up the 7 switchbacks to the plateau.  800m climbing

Arrived at Monduli Juu camp.  some went for a loop and some enjoyed the afternoon.

03 March 2018

10 to 4

I am not a racer.  I might go fast.  I might feel the adrenaline of competition.  But i am not a racer.

Or am I?

This is Thad and I on day one of the 10 to 4  bike race in Kenya.

I went two years ago and was sick and struggled to complete the two day race.  On day one i reached the 1/3 water point and could hardly stand.  i had climbed probably 1200m at this point and had 800m and 60 km to go.  Somehow I finished.  Finishing in last place and 2 hours behind my buddies.  The next day was easier , despite that on the final down hill i was violently sick.

This year was to prove that result was a fluke, i could do better.

Thad and I stuck together on the long climb up mtn kenya.  The picture above is the last part of the climb, just before entering the forest.

What followed was an hour of mostly downhill, through fast forest roads, incredible single track through forest, Elephant corridor trails.  Thad got away from me.  He is more fearless, and i pulled back becuase of dust.

then we rode together through the rollers back accross the wheat fields.  Then a fast track through the ngongare forest.  i lost Thad again.  Thad waited again.  We finished together, after stopping to take a picture of these elephants.

Am i a racer?  my buddy waits for me.  We stopp for pictures of elephants.  We stop for me to empty my shoes.  I cant be called a racer.

some more pictures
there is a rhino in between these guys.  50m away

mtn kenya in the background.  first day you ride up to 3,000m over the first ridge. and up to the forest.