27 April 2017

That is Kilimanjaro on the horizon

 on top of this ridge we asked a kid if we could make are way down.  he said no way and we tried but it became thick thorn brush and rocks and very steep.  we rode around for 30 minutes and found this trail.

01 January 2017

Wood Pedals

Nothing much to say but I see these quite often.

Ride of Lifetime II

Some lifetime events get better.  Nashesha and I rode as a team in our annual 2 day mtn bike race.  Each day is 50-65 km and around 1000 meters climbing.  She did great and had fun.  It was dusty and hot.  A few more pictures.

Riding up this valley was spectacular.

She rode with me down from Amani to Korogwe, a drop of 600meters.  I am happy that she has found a lifetime sport she enjoys.


We also did a leisurely ride one day in the forest around our place.

Roof top bike carrier

I have been using the roof top carrier for a year.  The trip this week one of the bolts broke.  I was able to weld it in Amani mountains and it worked better

  • I would weld  the axle to the dropouts.
  • I need to make another for the new style axles.
  • for the rear I stopped using a v channel for the back tyre, it is just cinched down.  
  • It helps to also cinch down the front fork.