05 January 2016

Sambasha loop times.

As I get ready for 10 to 4 race I am checking my times on a set ride.  I hope to use a full suspension bike as  I find I am not able to keep pedaling smoothly frequently as i am bouncing too much on my hardtail bike.  After last years race I vowed to return but only on a full suspension bike.

From home to tree line on Sambasha hill

26 dec 2015  63 min   ( did some intervals in the beginning)
3 Jan 2016  57min
21 Jan 2016  55min (one full suspension bike)  (then fell over and dislocated finger.)

04 January 2016

Amani vacation (with bike of course)

The day before our trip I made a rack bicycle mount.  

 Our house in Amani!  New lawn by the guy who lives there.

Looking towards our place on ride on day two.

 Fellow biker took my picture.
 One morning
 Too much tea plantations.
 Past Ndola I passed through a swamp and then rode along these bare hills
 After narrow foot path joined this road
 View looking down to Korogwe 800m below
 Looking at Usambara Mtns, Bumbuli area.
 wide trail.  I think a vehicle could pass


Trust me those are zebras.

The person standing out there is Diana Ulrich a professional photographer that joined a Saturday ride.  Her pictures a stark contrast to anything i take

We ride 20km to turn off the road here and ride on short grass plains.

Those are all roads!

We were close to these zebra, and i almost rode by them.