01 November 2015

A change of scenery ( or searching for Kidawasi)

Most weekend bicycle rides involve mountains.  Mike had a plan of checking out a friends farm near Olokii and then continuing south to Komolo on small tracks.  the middle half was flat as you see in the picture.

We met at 530am and rode through town and out through Njiro.  Mike showed me a new route to the packers road.    Down throuigh Njiro and take next big road after container go left , Faraja Duka

We failed to find the farm after crossing the Themi river at Olokii, instead we started having flat problems, compounded by me giving mike tubes that failed.

We found a straight track and found out that the swamp is called Kidawasi.

we spent maybe two hours dealing with flats.  and had lunch in the middle of nowhere.

When we came to the first house we asked where Losinyai was.  the woman laughed and said we were in Losinyai.  Turns out Losinyai is the Kata ( an administrative area encompassing several villages) and we should of asked for Custom.

I was plenty hot so when we made it to Custom we bought 4.5 litres of water and two cokes.  that was enough to get home by going up the main road to save time.