19 July 2012

No bike

Family vacation. 5 days of leisurely camping in Natron-Engaruka-Ketumbeine- Gelai Basins.
The roads are pretty much good. This used to be a unimproved track, rough, dusty, tiring.

Lots of wide open space.
First camp next to a dry river bed. No one around but a few zebra, giraffe, gazzelle.

Nashesha got chicken pox the day before we left. Mostly she didnt want it documented.

Man, what a sundowner spot.
Looking out at that huge expanse with a few animals here and there.And the sunset didnt dissappoint.

Next morning. No activity on the volcano this year.

My kind of driving.

My kind of napping place.
My kind of daughter. Leg of goat in the foil
road a bit rough in places
Last stealth camp, under the noses of the bloody south african and american hunting company.

18 July 2012

Grasping for a subject

bike commuters often see vehicles as the enemy. so it warms my heart to see this.

Spent 6 days off the bike, camping with the family and enjoying views like this.