29 November 2013


If you are a regular reader you remember white biker chick. Now she is plain Amanda. Thanks Amanda for this picture. First I can't remember to take a camera, second i cant remember to take pictures, third I am weak man on the team so I can't stop for pics and get further behind . That includes Amanda who can whip my ass and all the other dudes on this ride. Not only is she stronger but going over the technical stuff she makes us look like novices. Luckily there was another old fat guy along. Back to the picture. In the middle of the Sunday 5 hour ride we ride through this wooded basin almost like a crater. While viewing the spot the owner climbed up the rim and we talked about trees, water, rain, where he gets his water, etc. All the normal stuff.
When we got near the road we split into three groups. I just went the fastest way home which was almost and hour away. I even had to stop for a coke. Either I am old or I am out of shape.