17 June 2011

Adventure in the Dark

I rode my bike to a funeral in the Usa River area a few Saturdays ago. I ran over someone on the way home.

A funeral entails 2-5 days of people sitting around everyday. The people I wanted to offer condolences to were not there when i got there mid day but showed up after 430pm. I wanted to head back home ( 35km uphill) by 5pm to make it before dark. Then I got in the middle of a discussion about proper procedures and it was after 6pm when i left.

Not to worry as I had carried my lights and reflective band. Dusk started after Usa River town.

It was at Makumira that I ran over someone! It was dusk moving towards dark and there was a ton of traffic. As I was on the mountain bike I started using dirt trails on the side of the road. In Makumira area I saw something black on the trail 100m ahead. My first thought it was a human and then i realized it was probably a disintegrated tyre, so i figured I would just ride over it. About 10 meters before i then realized it was a man lying across the trail! The trail was in the middle of the road embankment so swerving was not an option. Stopping was not an option so i tried to jump the man.

I was not very successful so i ran right over him! He was obviously drunk and sleeping. Well riding over him woke him up and he yelled something.

I figured stopping would only make everything worse for me. So i just pedalled on and he lay back down to sleep.

Now it was dark and i realized by batteries were on the weak side. Headlights in my eyes and cars zipping by added to my discomfort. It made the trip a bit longer but i managed.