10 July 2017

Various rides

Great ride out west of Wes's place with Wes and Thomas.
 Alone up into clouds on Monduli
 What kind of bird of prey is this?

Short trips while on holiday with family

Went to mto wa Mbu for the weekend a month ago with bro and wife.

Went across the highway this time and tried a good gravel  road.
road through farms, and then the road stopped and a trail led through bananas plantation.  A very extensive one.  don and nashesha turned around to meet the mom's for breakfast.  I had gotten up earlier and had breakfast

 I met a guy and he said he didnt recommend continuing as it was rocky.  I carried the bike a fair amount. going up on rocky hill and got this view of a swamp.
 This was when the trail was good.
 I came through that forest

And eventually came to a road on the other side.

 It came out onto the plains going towards Engaruka.  I took cattle and foot paths and motored into the morning sun on fast tracks.
 Got back into a forest and saw some impala.
Road for another hour after getting on the gravel road.  Went back all the way on the main gravel road just in time for lunch.

Some new bike friends

Dina (on right) and Patrick (taking picture) work for me building.  They wanted to start bikinig.  In the distance is Sune a member of east meru bikers.  John is long time bike buddy.

The fastest section on the Lengijave plains.

Sometimes you gotta pee.
pays to go with someone who takes more interesting pictures.

Those are zebra behind Sune.

Everyone should have slime in the tubes, or you end up doing this.

really cool erosion pattern, but not so cool to ride over.  it is a short section
John reminded me that we once rode 320km to ngorongoro gate and back.

New trail on meru

Instead of the switchbacks went up straight.  Steep.

Nice to Ride with Simon Peterson.

Finally some sunshine.