16 January 2007

Reference only post.

This is more of a numbers post for future reference. Last time I did the Lolkisale loop I didn't write the numbers down.

We left at 5:15 and returned at 1400. We had to redo Paulo's triangle bag and that took maybe 20 minutes. We had two long stops, 30 and 20 minutes. I accidently pushed the reset button on the cyclometer but I am pretty sure it is around 80km out the new road and 60km back by the old route.

I think last time alone I got back more like 1500 and was wasted. It was not as hot and I didn't tire out so much at the end. I was really strong right up to getting back on the highway.

I took 5 water bottles (2X1l , 3X700ml) and 500ml chai. two sandwhiches, two snickers (hmmm) two apples and some bananas. I also had some dates along.

I carried some sugar but we didnt get any tea at any bomas.

went past a fair amount of water, water was running in all the seasonal rivers.

Two hours into the ride whene we had gone thorough an hour of black cotton soil I started to think/worry. What if it rains. It would not be possible to ride back through the black cotton soil. It would stick to the tyres and jam the wheels.

Better put at least one picture. This is me getting ready to take a dip on a drift on the way home.

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