28 January 2011

Uphill both ways

Between Christmas and New Years we drove to the coast at Bagamoyo for 4 days and one day in the Amani mountains. Of course I had the bike in the back.

One morning I got up early to head off towards Sandani National park to experience the road to the Park gate. I can't remember what exactly what it was, but it took more than an hour to fix something, so I got a bit of a late start. Not so good for tropical coast weather.

I rode away from the coast for 15km and then turned north on the Sandani road, which was recently graded, in great shape, and almost no traffic. The road started by going slightly up for the 3 kms I could see.

After about 3 km I looked ahead it was still slightly uphill, not steep at all, just slightly uphill as far as I could see. No big deal, it will be downhill coming back. As the kms went by I was looking forward to turning around and having a long slight downhill, as it was 99% slightly uphill. This went on for 20 kms , and due to family waiting for me to return, I turned around .

Looking ahead (going back now) the road stretched on slightly uphill. Huh, must be just here, so I road a few km, always going slightly uphill. No way. And it just kept going on and on uphill

I stopped and took a picture both ways.

You tell me, i wasn't in a valley, but both ways look uphill to me. And I never got to coast or pedal easy, it was, well uphill.

So i rode slightly uphill, AGAIN, back to the main Bagamoyo road completely puzzled and disappointed in missing a downhill. At the junction I had a soda at an unfriendly bar with music blaring and a group playing pool.

Any theories out there?