26 August 2010

Different kind of lunch spot

Our family had our "every four year or so" vacation to the US of A for 3 1/2 weeks July and August. So another reason i haven't posted for 2 months.

Besides visiting all my family and 4 friends I managed to ride my bike while there (of course). Most of my rides were riding while everyone else was sleeping or slowly getting up and having breakfast. One good thing about jet lag, is i would be wide awake 4 or 5 am.

My brother in law Chuck had a road bike waiting for me when we arrived at our first house, and my friend Jim Bingham had no less than two bikes and a tandem waiting for me in Idaho.

I rode about half the days there. Highlights were riding up to Paradise on Mnt Rainier and lots of chats with Chuck, Don, and Jim on 50-80km rides.

One day as I rode alone from North Seattle this was a typical food stop somewhere before Carnation Fall City.

Kind of different than my stops here in Tanzania. This is a typical place i stop for soda and maybe some snacks.