06 May 2007

Riding to home village Suji

About 6 years ago I convinced Bernice to ride our bikes up to her home village Suji. This is a picture taken more recently from the hill in back of Bibi and Babu's house. Gives you an idea of the elevation gain to get there.

Suji is about 220 km from Arusha 16 km off the main highway to dar. The last 16 km takes at least and hour in a 4wd. We started riding from the sisal estate on the main highway and then followed the valley below and up onto the ridge where the picture below is taken. When I first went to Suji 20 years ago it was barely passable in 4wd.

Once we started climbing the ridge it is constantly up. It took us 6 hours to go up and 2 to go down.

Yeah mom had to push the bike some.

This is at the first overlook. It is a bit easier from here on.

Nashesha and I would ride for awhile and then wait for mom. I had a hard time keeping Nashesha awake. She sat on a seat between my seat and handle bars.

And finally late in the day we arrive at Bibi's house.

The next day we whizzed down to the car.