15 March 2012

Brenna Coupland, solo bike tourist! You rock girl!

I have a habit and hobby of inviting bicycle tourists to stay with us. Brenna Coupland was the latest and one of the most inspiring. Her website . She is living one of my dreams. One of the most minimal journeys I have seen. Her budget is like nothing. Despite having a very full bike with ton of gear. Also the first person I have been around who really uses an IPhone for everything.

The girls as one rides off towards Egypt and another rides to school.

We did a short ride into Masai land.

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  1. Laura McDonald1:00 am

    Hi Erik! Terry got your email and will reply to you on your email. We could write a novel about our experiences! However, why I am replying to this blog is the amazing story of Brenna. The link you left on your entry captivated me, so I started reading her story. AWESOME! Just the mere fact that she started her journey by travelling from Vancouver to Winnipeg, then Winni to St. John's then on to NYC. Goodness! Her trip from Cape Town through Namibia, Botswana and Zambia, and now into Tanzania has been incredible to read. Thanks for the link. The only concern is, that she hasn't written since March 15 in Kenya, and there's been nothing. Not sure if you are keeping in touch other than by her blog, but I truly hope she is OK. Her story and ambition is really incredible.
    As for getting out to see Baraka and Kalanga in their bomas (if they are still there) that would be great. Because Baraka's boma is close to the water trough North of Mt. Monduli, we hope that they weren't too badly affected by the drought a few years ago. If you get out there, please pass on our greetings to them, and our prayers for their families.
    Cheers! Laura