14 July 2016

Young riders

I was coming down Mnt Meru with Don my brother and these three kids came screaming fast past us and then rode down with us.  It was fun to ride behind them and see their extreme joy riding bikes.  The bounce all over and go airborne every chance they get.

Why not carry loads on a bicycle

My invertor for my house needs repair.  It is electronic with a transformer inside.  equals heavy.  Why not take it to work on my bicycle.

One reason I am given for not using a bicycle is because of needing to carry stuff.

riding in the clouds on Mnt meru

Apologies not edited.

Edge of Tarangire Park

A ride with daughter along border of Tarangire. Movie of masai kids trying out the Dahon collapsable bike

Lake Manyara

My brother Don and wife Debi have moved to Tanzania. His life dream to retire partly here and work in a hospital. The two families went to stay in a tented lodge near Manyara park and we went for a wee ride on the flood plain of Lake Manyara. Saw some wildebeast and thomson gazelle.

Forest Road benchmark

57min to the ring road on full suspension.  I was doing 2 minute intervals in the middle, which might of made my time slightly slower.

32 minutes down.  am surprised it is that fast.