27 November 2006

Lets get back to talking about cycling

Yesterday's ride was one of those rides when I couldn't help but smile. I used to smile coming down off Mnt Meru on a mountain bike because it was such a rush screaming down the dirt trails and roads. I haven't for some years actually smiled at that, seems more scary than a rush these days.

I tried to get out of bed early to make it a long one but in the end it was only a 50 km ride on the road. I went up to Oldonyo Sambu and then back down. It started to rain just before I turned around but not much but it must of been raining up in the hills. By the time I came down 2 km there were 3 places where there was 5-15 cm or water running over the tarmac road. It was a bit scary as there are potholes here and there. The last place was long and the water like chocolate. It should make me depressed at the erosion, but it was an adventure riding through it. I liked the color and the roar it made when it left the road and continued to gouge a canyon next to the road.

At one point there was 50 meters of ripples and it had a strange affect on my senses. Like the ground was out of focus. Or like the world was being vibrated. And the sun was reflecting weird like.

After that I was on dry road, the wind was behind me, I was in shape, sparse traffic, not worries, and it is downhill mostly. I actually smiled several times. Yep, that is right Erik Rowberg smiled.

There was another good thing about the ride back. I was listening to music on my mp3 player. Now wait a minute! Yes I agree one should not ride while plugged into music, especially while in traffic. I never commute with music, I need all my senses. This is the first road ride with earphones. It is a calculated risk, and I was careful to be able to hear cars coming from behind, and I kept turning a lot to check traffic from behind. DON'T DO IT FOLKS. But I will do it again. Which reminded me of one of the truths, "There are no absolutes". Should I have missed out on that feeling because one should never ride with earplugs?

I regretted not having my camera. It was a Kodak moment.

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