27 February 2007

camping in Ketumbeine

saw a solitary bull elephant

camped by a small river 5km above Olkeju Olongishu (Ketumbeine)

went to a bush church.

visited the caves of von Lettow Vorbeck from WWI

We went to Ketumbeine for the weekend. Drove out after church on
sunday. I started packing at 11am and we were ready about 1pm.
Pretty good huh. It took us about 3 hours to get to Ketumbeine, the
road has gotten bad again. Bethany was waiting to take them to a
boma. Steve had the 3rd case of Rift Valley Fever in tanzania since
some ten years. there is a big outbreak in Kenya. Many people have
stopped eating meat, not me. Steve showed me a campsite 6km up the
mountain next to a stream. really nice. so i took all their kids and
two neighbors and went and set up camp. then picked the rest up just
before dark. Steve and Bethany came along and then walked home at
Boys did alot of the work .
Next day we drove down to fribergs house and all drove to a church and
hour away. think C & G really liked that. then we had lunch under a
tree and drove a bit and walked an hour to an old WWI cave. Von
Lettow-Vorbeck would fight a battle and while british were bringing in
more people he would run and hide. This cave is up in some hills and
dug about 70 meters straight into the mountain. cool inside. there
are some trenches around the bottom side.

then we left from there. Saw one lone Bull elephant on the way.

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