28 May 2008


Today I had a bike crash, the first in maybe 4 years. I fall all the time on the mountain bike, but soft landing stuff mostly just falling over in slow motion. I might get a scratch or a sore hip.

Today is our weekly Wednesday road ride to Monduli town. Before the turn around at Monduli town hospital is a 3 km hill with two corners and a short flat space in the middle of the hill. I had picked up speed coming to the second corner and was not thinking that it had just started drizzling.

For Americans my age, remember what they told us in drivers ed about the first drizzle? Well I forgot that it is supposed to be the time when the road is the slickest. I took the corner at about 25kph and I was shocked as the bike just went out from under me and I sprawled on my right and slid some meters. I have two raspberry's on the knee, one big one raspberry on my right hip, and one on shoulder, and a small puncture in the hand. I also probably sprained my hand. I got up and carried on up the hill, within 5 minutes there was little pain.

The bike clothing saved me from more abrasions. The scrape on my hip is through the shorts but at least it was clean. Another rider , one of the younger kids also fell sometime after me and he hit his head on the helmet and has some abrasions on his face. I guess those ahead of me slowed down on the corner. I hope I remember my Driver's Ed lessons next time.

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