19 February 2009

Another crash

Arusha Cycling Club riders are good riders, experienced, and we seldom have crashes. However we always have new members who are not as experienced and it takes awhile for them to learn to ride in the pack.

Yesterday, on our Wednesday club ride we were on our way back and going down from Monduli town at about 55kph. I was in the back and I notice a dog on the left. I move over to the right as do the guys in the front. Some guys in the middle arent paying attention or not being smart and stay on the left and scare the dog to the right. Two guys in front of me go down and although I have slowed quite a bit I cant avoid when Abdallah's bike is lying on the road. I do an en do into the side of the road and scrape up my face. I have some shock but as soon as they have cleaned me up I start riding home with Laizer. 1/2 way home the shock is worn off. I have little pain or stiffness. The stiffness comes hours later.

Today is the next day and the swelling is worse. I swear there is no pain.


  1. Ouch, you look like you lost the fight with the road. I hope you don't have any important meetings with heads of state or such. Are you using aloe plant juice to keep the scaring at minium? nonscientific but I think it works.
    Love Byrna

  2. Wow, you look like Rambo...cool! Glad it doesn't hurt too much, but you must get some funny looks. Reading your blog makes me "homesick" for TZ. I miss you guys!

  3. Anonymous1:16 am

    Yikes! You look like a prize fighter after a rough round. Pole sana. At least I can still recognize you!
    Your description was pretty scary--it can happen so quickly. You'll have to try biking in AK in the winter--they have studded tires, and do quite well. Love, Carol