07 May 2009

Riding with twins

Nyika and Zaka Friberg are family friends. Our families go way back. Before I was born our parents and some grandparents new each other in Bumbuli in the 1940's.

The twins are adventurous, so when they come around I have no problem getting them to roll the bikes around.

Nyika and Zaka live in the bush so when we rode by some big trees in a coffee plantation they wanted to climb. Click on the picture and you can see one of them on the lowest branch above the road. I am the only one in the family who can't tell them apart, so ask Nashesha who is up in the tree.


  1. I couldn't see the twins, even with the enlargment. This reminds me of the trip to Lake Manyara where the guide kept saying the lions were in the trees. All I could see was a stick hanging down that ALMOST could have been a lion's tail. Byrna

  2. exactly in the middle, lowest branch, white shirt, blue shorts.

  3. thanks erick for supporting cycling africa..perhaps my brother and friend elvis humphrey is doing cycling..live and lover afrika asante sana. i like your blog its adventure.says valle

  4. Eileen.
    Elvis is trying to ride around southern Africa, a ride i will do before i die.

  5. he is so tiny in the tree. The tree must be HUGE. Where are the safety ropes and nets under him? Byrna