13 September 2009

What the GPS shows

Thomas and I agreed on a long one. I got started about 5am and was at his house around 530am.

Thomas immediately had a tyre go flat twice. The spare tube went down and he rode back to get more tubes and i tried to stay warm on the side of the road.

We originally were going to Lolkisale but Thomas saw some mountains SE and liked the look of them so we ended up riding to Custom village. On the way out we were on ridges so the tracks sometimes didn't go very straight. Thomas showed me the gps map sometimes and it didn't look like we knew where we were going. When asking directions we were told the same thing several times.

I wasn't in the mood of pictures, or maybe the parched, end of dry season, landscape was uninspiring.

We only road 110km but i was tired enough to be happy with the day. Stopped in several places for food and carried lots of food. At custom my friend Ngowi gave us two cokes and a big bottle of water free. At Moita Bwawani we had tasty half cakes and black tea with plenty of sugar.

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