07 December 2009

Sunday Rides

One week ago Sunday my buddies Wes Krause and Thomas Holden showed up before 6am. We rode a 40 km loop on the slopes of Mnt Meru.

Perfect conditions prevailed as it has rained, but not during the previous day so the trails and roads are hard packed but not so wet and slippery.

We had some chai midway up .

The single track on the way down was the best ever. One can't help but smile riding these sections. This is Wes. True to form, we got separated from Wes on the way down, he went straight and we went right and we arrived about the same time. No big deal.

Yesterday was Julie Cabanne's day to baptise her just purchased second hand bike. I invited a bunch of people , only Laura Tarimo, Bent and Gishan, and my daughter Nashesha showed up. Bernice started but then called it quits in town but is now excited to get back into bicycling. We rode to Erik Zweig's place and had some breakfast. Gishan, pictured, is 6 and ended up trading off on the tandem with Nashesha. My god, dont enlarge this picture! I have a belly and Dishon is drinking redbull!

In town we split up. Julie, Nashesha, and I got dumped on by rain in town. It was torrential for 15 minutes. We stopped a few minutes at Julie's house to wait for it to stop and had some chocolate and tea.

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