15 April 2011

What non bikers give bikers for christmas.

Let alone that I bicycle, which makes me odd, I am also simply eccentric and crazy, so take this post with a grain of salt.

If you know me, you know I ride a bicycle . Every day. To work, home from a bar, for recreation on the weekend, to clients during the day. One of the reasons I ride a bicycle is it's footprint is small and another reason it helps me to consume less resources. I don't believe in buying stuff unnecessarily and I fix stuff if possible.

So I fail to understand why I got this for Christmas from a relative:

We exchange names in my wife's family, so I get one gift from someone, and this is what I got last Christmas.

It has batteries in the trunk and the legs and back tyres go round and round while playing some "hindi" music. Oh yeah, and a flashing red light.

I prefer another beer mug.

The idea that my life is NOT about consumerism, but is about small footprint just doesn't sink in to people, as this is not what I think money should be spent on. I like bicycling, but I don't have non functional bike paraphernalia on my desk and wall.

As long as I am on a rant, non bicyclists should not attempt to buying any cycle thing for the bicyclist. Nothing.

"What should I get Erik?" "Something for his bicycle" So off they go to a bike shop and find something like a water bottle, the cheapest one, but they know nothing about a water bottle, that cheap ones don't work right so it will go unused, wasted.

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