22 March 2012

Spare parts

Went shopping for brake pads at the second hand bicycle shop.

Goodie disappeared within his spare parts section, and while I was sitting I noticed a shimano dynamo hub on a bicycle hanging on his for sale section! I looked around to make sure no one else was noticing my interest and also get interested in it.

When he came back I asked "Have you tested it." He said it works and he has another one in the room that he had removed from a rim.

For 23,000 shs ($14) I walked away with these spares. the brake pads are too hard but I don't see a short term alternative.

Wow a Shimano DH 3N30 3Watt dynamo hub!!! If it works it is a steal ($10).

Although in the mean time the old style dynamo that runs off the tyre has been working flawlessly for months, so I added another light to the front.

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