07 December 2012


What goes around comes around.  I want to introduce my new friend Sekiji

The Monday after I graduated from college in May 1977 my roommate Dan Miller and I were dropped off on the highway by friends with our big rucksacks and we hitch hiked for 2 months around the USA and me ending in Montreal to fly to stay with may parents in Tanzania.

One of the good experiences was when we were invited "home" and we accepted.
I was amazed and enjoyed most of those experiences.

I have had family and friends come and visit, but about 15 years ago I started "picking up"  long range bicyclists as they rode around the world and inviting them home.  First this started with meeting by chance on the road, then by the website warm showers, and some by word of mouth.  Only one visit was outright negative (a couple that said they were bike touring but were actually hitching and could only talk about themselves and their own beliefs).  Another one was too long and he was sick.

Sekiji is the latest, he emailed a week before he thought he would arrive, then we SMS back and forth.  By the time he came I had checked his website and maybe he had checked me out.  He came on Tuesday evening and has left Friday for four days around Kilimanjaro and then he will come back for a night or two.

I enjoyed watching his movies of his trip.  He learnt Spanish and his Spanish is better than his English.


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