15 August 2013

Cross Training (or using bicycle as transport to a hike)

I don't train, I ride a bike.  Makes sense to ride a bike to a hike

We stashed the bikes in these bushes after riding 16km up 600m. That took less than two hours.
Immediately we starting seeing large troops of Colubus monkeys in the trees.  they "run" through the treetops, leaping from branch to branch.  there is black and white colubus monkey in the middle of picture below.
After walking up a steep ravine on a foot trail we reach this road and walk on it for 200meters and notice a small track and take it.

On the small trail we gain elevation very quickly.  It is steep enough that I go to rest step method. 
Then it gets just steep and we are in thick forest with a reasonable trail.
Then it get easy grade on a well defined ridge and I can actually walk at a fast gait now.
Once in awhile we get a glimpse out of the forest

There is a trail there somewhere.  We pass through a section of stinging nettles. I put on long pants brought just for that reason.  It works mostly but not completely.

Lots of flowering going on.

I have turned on the GPS tracking and Erik Mdogo wonders why.

We reach the stream that used to be our landmark.  I haven't been here for 10 years or so.

 We went another 5km and climbed 700m from the bicycles.  Found a huge tree growing parallel to ground.  on the upper side was wide and there was soil and grass growing.

We somehow took a wrong turn coming back.  I had the GPS on but it kept timing out the screen and going to zoomed out.  We were maybe 50 meters off the trail but down a very steep slope of the ridge and in thick undergrowth.  With GPS tracking got back on the track.  Erik a convert to GPS useage.

Got back and found the bicycles still hidden , loaded them up. and coasted home for an hour. 
Some people got dirty.


  1. Sounds like a rewarding hike. All except the stinging nettles. When I pull our invasive nettles, I wear 2 pants, knee high rubber boots, 2 long sleeved tops and leather gloves with gauntlets that go to my elbow. Nasty stuff. The spring shoots are supposed to be tasty but I won't try them.

  2. the stinging lasts most of the night. this is the first time i tried "protective gear"