02 January 2014

I mean they are really FIT and getting married.

I was just editing my last post and realized I had a good story. Secondly I need to emphasize how fit these two are. A few weeks ago John and Amanda announced they are getting married in March! Cool, always easy relationship when two of my friends are married to each other. And they both are bikers! Another of my friend's wife says she is a biker's widow. I would like to be in better shape, but being in bad shape helps in other ways. When one is super fit it is sometimes hard to ride a bike with less serious riders. Right now I just cant ride with my buddy Thomas, his easy equals my 85% effort. Before I tell the story you have to know that these two work full time and train something like 15 hours per week currently getting ready for a week mtn bike race. I can't stay near either of them anymore, not even close. Amanda can ride more technical stuff than John, so in a rouugh spot she rides through it, John falls over, and Erik gets off and walks. In the middle of Sunday's ride we stop for "lunch" and for the first time I can see them, as the rest of the time they were way off in front. I notice that Amanda's legs are bleeding and scratched, and I remember she will be in her wedding in a couple of months and most of the time she will be in hard training . " So what is the plan for the legs for the wedding?" I ask. " oh we got that covered."

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