02 September 2014

Close one, bad reaction.

So biking is supposed to make me a better person right?

I came very close to getting bumped.

1- I am on my way home about 515pm.  So it is daylight and i am visible.  Normally i ride home in the dark.

2-  My motto is don't trust a driver, and i trusted one.

3- I should of been a bit more patient.

4- i didn't plan to pass through the intersection with a vehicle running interference for me.

1/2 way home between two traffic light intersections is a road coming up from town on my side of the road.  It is a busy road and often used by drivers to avoid jams and the lights.  There is not much traffic, which means I have to wait for a car to run interference, but there don't seem to be cars coming up the feeder road, so i ride across.  A sedan comes fast up to turn into my lane.  i slow and brake and then she brakes a sliver away from me.

I react badly screaming " Don't you have any humanity"  yep i said something like that.  She is shocked by what happened.

What can you do ?  I ride on and she passes by and slows and says " I am so very sorry".

That helps.  But it helps more that she will probably not run the stop sign like that for a few days.

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