04 April 2015


A few years ago I would measure a good ride was when I saw wild animals.  Today we saw thompson gazelle and as added treat a herd of 50 zebra.  The dust is from zebra.

After a few years I changed the metric to riding far enough until I found non  Kiswahili speakers.  Met some boys claiming they could not speak kiswahili.    

Then last year I started measuring by the quality of interactions with people I met  on the ride.  Talked to some people today.

But today I think I should change it to the WHOA factor.  The whoa factor is when the view, animals, interactions, food break make one say "WHOA".  That was happened over and over until we came to the view in the opening picture above.  Then it was a collective WHOOOOA and a selfie session.

More pics during the "whoa" period.

 I wasn't warned about picture taken and forgot to suck in the stomach.

We rode around Lengijave mtn and down the open grasslands, being pushed by the wind and pulled by the slope.  I was surprised that in a short while we came to the steep escarpment.  It was short because of the wind and the slope.

After stopping at the escarpment we still had some energy so we carried our bikes up a hill on the edge of the escarpment.

Different methods of carrying.

Lots of talk about crosses to bear.

At the top was an old foundation and this view.  Note the boma middle right.  about 280m below.  It was not vertical but steep.

As the day wore on it got hot and there was no shade for stopping under.

Heri of team B+ hunkering down in the wind.  After turning around we had a strong wind all the way back.

Three of us rode around a hill instead of going up and down a hill.  Philippe walked up the hill and rode down and beat us around.  You can make out three riders accross the middle.

I thought these erosion gulley's on the side of the canyon looked beautiful.

and maybe some more random pictures.