10 July 2017

Short trips while on holiday with family

Went to mto wa Mbu for the weekend a month ago with bro and wife.

Went across the highway this time and tried a good gravel  road.
road through farms, and then the road stopped and a trail led through bananas plantation.  A very extensive one.  don and nashesha turned around to meet the mom's for breakfast.  I had gotten up earlier and had breakfast

 I met a guy and he said he didnt recommend continuing as it was rocky.  I carried the bike a fair amount. going up on rocky hill and got this view of a swamp.
 This was when the trail was good.
 I came through that forest

And eventually came to a road on the other side.

 It came out onto the plains going towards Engaruka.  I took cattle and foot paths and motored into the morning sun on fast tracks.
 Got back into a forest and saw some impala.
Road for another hour after getting on the gravel road.  Went back all the way on the main gravel road just in time for lunch.

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