21 April 2007

Commute in the rain.

Yesterday half way through my commute to work I was thinking, "man am I glad I am riding a bike."

At the same time I made eye contact with a passenger in a car I was overtaking and from his expression he was thinking, "look at this crazy white man riding his bike in this rain". Remember , I was passing him.

It was pouring as I set out and Bernice my wonderful wife was begging me to drive. (Then what would she do?)

The first 400 meters was a bit "messy" as they had ploughed all the fields around the shortcut. The path had soft part and mud caked on my tyres, brakes, and sandals. I was wearing a heavy Helly Hansen rain coat, cheap rain pants, sandals, and shorts. It was raining enough that all the mud was washed off my feet and bike by the time I was half way to work.

One issue commuting in the rainy season is I arrive at the parking lot with mud all over my legs and feet. Security have blocke access to places that had spigots and there isnt always mud puddles. I am too shy to wash my feet in the sink. I have started to carry (if i remember) a watter bottle to wash my legs when I get there.

Fenders, why dont i use fenders? Are you kidding. They would get caked with mud in 100 meters and then I wouldnt be able to ride. I do have partial fenders but not 180. And I often have to put my feet down on the first part.

I actually enjoyed the ride more than normal. There was a wreck and a couple stalled trucks, and becuase no one knows how to defrost their windows in Tanzania the traffic was moving slower than normal and I did the highway part as fast as a car. Being an impatient person that would of bothered me in a car.

Oh yeah and then the last km is a slight downhill and there was water running all over. The water was a stream half way into the outside lane. Then it crossed to the other side and I got to ride through 15cm of water. Wheeeeee.

Only my legs were damp, the rain pants are worn out. and of course my feet and sandals were wet but that isnt a problem. About half the staff in the office who walk came in hours late.

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