22 April 2007


I think they call it something else these days but in the 70's we called it LSD. Long, Slow, Distance. In those days, in runners' circles it meant a 20-25km run at slower than a normal workout. We used to discuss all sorts of stuff on those LSD runs around the rural roads of Washinton State USA during college.

Today's ride turned into a LSD ride. Cool.

I met 5 buddies on the other side of town and we road east to the town of Boma Ngombe, 52 km , and then 5 km up the road towards Sanya Juu. The ride home became a LSD ride.

As we turned around we had a bunch of punctures. Well Cheusi had punctures. That broke the mood of riding hard, which we were doing going out. We averaged like 38kph to Boma and I was feeling it. Not total wasted but struggling at times.

In between stopping to fix Cheusi's flats Thad started to tell me a book he is reading written by some genius who talks about how religion is not rational, and used for so much bad. Basically I agree. However I still believe in God. Thad is pretty articulate and I can't remember anything for more than a minute. Thad talked about this for 20km as we road side by side. We talked most of the way back up to Arusha.

With 35 km to go Cheusi had more troubles after running over a stone and pinch flatted on both tyres! Good luck it was in a big village so we stopped and drank tea and had a chapatis and Cheusi, Moses, and Isaiah fixed the tubes.

Some dude was trying to talk to them fixing the tubes. Then he sat down at our table and tried to talk to us. It took us 20 minutes to realize he was either crazy or stoned. In the end he said us white people shouldn't come to Tanzania to "study" Tanzanians. About this time the others came and sat down and heard that and Moses told him to buzz of or get sent off. It is nice to ride with young Tanzanians. (they also take more share of time in the front of the pack.

Re age: it will be interesting as some of the guys like Moses are approaching 35. Will they keep riding?

I wonder why I was so tired today.

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  1. i arrived in this spot, when i was searching for the real psychedelic experience in lsd for anyone living in tanazania.......not bad....trip is just a trip!