02 January 2009

Tanga Town is full of bicyclists

On boxing day I headed to Dar by bus for a TzNIC board meeting. The flights were all full as Air Tanzania is grounded (read the news yourself). Two days later I was back on the bus heading for Segera to rendezvous with my Family and Balden Family for 4 nights at Pangani.

Dar does not have so many bicyclists and I wondered why. Heat? More mass transit?

We got delayed as Mike's Nissan blew up and we waited for another car. So we only made it to Tanga for the night, too late for the ferry at Pangani.

Tanga is a sleepy slower town. We walked down the beach road in the twilight and dark. Next day going out of town I was struck by all the bicyclists. Always they were around. Pretty cool.

I missed a week of riding. Maybe I should get a fold able bike for my trips to Dar. I spent around $70 on taxis. The heat and humidity might make it impractical though.

We did a day of snorkeling. Nashesha is at ease snorkeling and we got to see an octopus.

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