15 January 2009

What I carry.

As I was putting my thermos in my commuting bag this morning I reflected for a moment on permanent stuff in that bag. It seems to get heavier. Is that because of experience it has more stuff?

A year ago I bought a commuting bag from Arkel. I bought this because (1) it looks like a briefcase (remember I am a stealth bike commuter), and (2) it has the locking mechanism so it doesn't fall off. Before that I used a backpack strapped on the rear rack.

I always have these in the bag:
-Pump. Once a month or so the tyre goes flat. I pump it up, spin it, and usually it stays up for ages. I have slime in the tubes, rarely do I get a flat that doesn't self fix. However once in awhile it just goes down.
-raincoat. I used to select the days but now I always carry it.
-rain pants. to keep mud, not rain off my legs. Link-headlamps (2) Most days i ride home in the dark.
-taillights (2)
-emergency miniature taillight. Someone sent one, I had to keep it somewhere.
-water bottle. for washing my feet in case they get muddy.
-plastic bag. For covering the seat.
-goggles. I should use everyday but it is not a habit. Lots of dust and grit in the air.
-shoulder strap. Never used it but it is forgotten in a pocket
-screwdriver. Why a big screwdriver? (I do not carry any other tools.) There was a time I didn't have the right middle chain ring, and sometimes the chain would get jammed between smallest and middle chain ring. without something like that it is hard to pull it out.
-strap for trouser legs.
-cable and lock.
-plastic bag. for covering my seat if it looks like rain.

I should add:
-magazine. Never know when i am twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone.
-multitool. I don't carry a multi tool and I should. I rarely need it and if i take one off the other bike bags i will forget and have a bigger problem.
-tube. It has happened that i have been punctured by bolts.

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  1. Your bike bag sounds like my backpack 1st aid kit and 10 essentials. It is now more like 20 essentials. I keep finding one more 'handy' thing to take along. It is well over a pound. It started as a small zip lock bag. Now it is 2 med zip lock bags. Then if I am skiing, I add foam pad to sit on, ski wax, extra gloves/hat....
    Most cross country skiiers I see, only have a hydration pack on. I have a full sized back pack. I have skiied for 15 years now and only once needed my 1st aid kit for a blister. However, I am constantly repentishing it because I doctor up my friends. One friend fell on the big rocks at Mt St Helens and got a nasty gash in her forehead. Blood every where. After stopping the blood, I used all my sterile gauze pads and a small pack of Kleenex for pressure and then a whole roll of gauze to wrap around her head. I covered it all with her bandana. She was fine: finished the hike out, drove herself to the emergency room, got several stitches. Neither of the 2 others I was hikeing with had first aid kits.
    I didn't see a first aid kit on your list! Byrna