22 March 2009

A different kind of good ride

There was a time I thought good bike rides were the ones that involved one or more of the following:
- being way out in the bush
- difficult terrain
- long
- fast.
- adventure
- spectacular scenery

Today was a "good one" and it was none of the above. The past year it seems more often rides don't fit into my old criteria for a good ride. Is this old age or maturity?

I had a leisurely cup of chai and left Bernice and Nashesha occupied in the house. I rode down the hill and to the highway, into town, stopping at an ATM. Next up the Ilboru road at a leisurely pace, talked with waitress I vaguely know for a minute. Through Ilboru and towards Selian. On that road I met two people I knew. More chatting. I upped the pace and raced a 5 year old running up the steep hill. Stopped at Clive and Sion's , peeked through a slit in their gate but no CARS so I didn't bother banging and banging on their gate. (why do people have gates far from the house? Without a loud vehicle horn no one is going to ever open the gate. Maybe that is the idea?)

Down the other side of the ridge to Selian. Bumped into Kaptula on the road. He used to be a vice president of our club and racer. I checked out from below our Internet tower on Litgow hill. Another chat with someone.

Half the people I met asked me if i knew anyone who wanted a plot of land for sale.

No wild animals, no bush, no speed, no adventure, not much sweat but a real good ride. Yep.

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  1. If I had to choose between old age and maturity, I'd say it was maturity. A nicer way to say it is 'to every thing there is a season'. I think of all the things Bob and I have done over the years: car rallys, volleyball, square dancing, and now snowshoeing and hiking. One is not better than the other, just a different season in our life. Byrna