14 March 2009

Personal Bicycler Heros

I tend to blog about myself.

Recently two friends have dramatically increased their bicycling activities. I might not of been the catalyst that made that happen, I certainly did not hinder the change. I was / am so excited about what they are doing I wanted to share profiles of people I know personally that are using their bikes in a way that I consider them "personal bicycling heros".

Originally I was going to call them "bicycle commuter heros". But that doesnt work as commuting is one aspect of bicycling. For example my friend Erik Zweig quit his job so he has no job to commute to, but he uses his bike. Saidi is a bike messenger, and my daughter Nashesha likes riding around. I have mentioned Vincent Shirima, who drives a SUV to the start of a ride, but by bicycling has lost 50 kgs! He becomes a hero because he exchanged a motorcycle for a bicycle.

Maybe someone can help me with a better term. I want a term for a person who is making a concerted effort to use a bicycle to replace some or all of their transportation. The real idea is to DECREASE use of private vehicles. Although for me I have a goal to stop use of personal car. the difficulty is getting a family to an evening outing in Arusha.

So if you see a post starting like this one and then a name and number this is where it came from.

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  1. Probably you are in the direct way or you think the same to me. Actual i don't have job to commuter so most of the time I'm on my bicycle doing bird watching, plant identification, observing, etc.
    And now i want to set off to the Cape of Good Hope.