13 January 2010

Another Wipeout

Relax, the only damage was my pride.

Saturday Bent and I did a mtn ride up to the meru forest and then contoured the mountain to above Ngulelo and headed down. The down was often slippery but we managed to stay upright until the soil had more sand and hence less slippery. On a flat section i decided it was good time to practice riding no hands and I did so for 50 meters. I came to what looked like a slippery place and just as i was dropping down to the handle bars the bike slipped from under me.

Unfortunately there were a fair number of people around saying "sorry, sorry, sorry" instead of my bike buddies who would be laughing.

Embarrassed I rushed to get my red face away but a kid yelled " Wash that mud off" , as i looked pretty stupid getting close to town with one side of one leg covered in smooth mud. I washed in a puddle and Bent came back looking for me. I didn't have a scratch but I still had some mud on my shorts.

So why ride with no hands? Any rider should have the skill as it allows you to stretch, use both hands to peel a banana or change clothes. Just don't do in on the slopes of meru when it is slick.

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