01 February 2010


Jan mentioned the other day that his girl friend had read my blog, didn't know he knew me. I was kind of taken aback that someone besides my immediate family and a few buddies read the blog. I mean I check out the counters and all and either you know me or you did a search on "Vincent Shirima" . (LOL now i will get another 1 hit a week because of his name here.)

Any way please drop a comment whoever you are.


  1. Anonymous8:33 am

    Hi Uncle Erik! I check your blog every couple of months and catch up on what I missed. We look forward to family bike rides this summer. Adam was out practicing without training wheels today so hopefully this summer we only are pulling one! Sarah

  2. came across you via your comment on udadisi. Nice, as I'm getting interested in biking....

  3. Swahili Street- what kind of biking? I travel to dar about once a month. I am thinking of finding a collapseable bike and using that to get from airport to hotel in town. Wondering about the sweat factor though.

  4. swahili street4:20 pm

    ah.... the sweat factor.... I live in Kigamboni and the only reason I don't cycle to the ferry and over to town is the SF and the dust. I was aroudn the port yesterday and it was terrible! and you won't be too presentable. I tend to just head out for evening cycles around kigamboni

  5. Hey, Erik! Don't know if you remember us, but it's Laura and Terry McDonald here. We used to teach at St. Constantine's and you worked very hard to get us connected at the school - back in the years 2000-2004. We remember Bernice from World Vision. Found your blog by some circuitous route (sort of like your biking adventures) and have been enjoying it. Helps us to remember how much we love Arusha and how much we miss it. We are home in Canada now. Glad to see you are still running Habari! Pass on our greetings to Bernice, and keep cycling! Cheers, Terry & Laura (and Allison, our daughter who is 13 now and would move back to Arusha tomorrow!)