19 April 2010


It is raining out this morning. Not a drizzle but an April downpour.

I will stay 80% dry while riding to work but I will get soaked walking from the parking lot into my office, simply because it will draw attention to myself walking into the building with my rain suit. So I remove it.

The norm is to step out of a SUV and use an umbrella. (except the half dozen guys who don't carry an umbrella, the body guards carry the umbrella, an I am not exaggerating.)

But that was a digression.

I had a mental blog thing the other day, along these lines....

I am not going to be Kent Peterson nor Jill Homer . I can ride all day and I have adventures but it is not what defines me completely and I am not that good at it. (I won't even attempt to talk about the fact these two can write.)

I still have to run a business too big for my abilities, I still have a wonderful wife and daughter to spend time with, I have my brick buildings with vaulted roof interests, and so on, AND writing is not easy for me .

I basically have too much other stuff to do, and too frequently, like you, I just plain waste time away looking at junk on the Internet, watching TV junk, reading novels, and the like .

So I am now resigned to being a mediocre bicycle rider.


  1. Anonymous4:45 am

    I'll bet Jill Homer couldn't build a vaulted brick building to save her life...

  2. Thanks Dick.

    i guess i didnt make the point. Jill does one or thing really well. I do several mediocre.