10 May 2010

Almost side swiped

Sunday afternoon Bernice and I went for a 90 minute ride on the tandem, taking the short cut through burka coffee estate and riding through coffee and fields to laki laki. The northwest corner of Burka estate is wild bush and forest, and we ride through it today to get to where we are going.

and readied for it to crash into the road but wondered why the noise was from head height. Instead an Eagle (In the middle of a thick forest I heard some noise to my left in the brush ,I figured it was a duiker about to crash out of the thicket. What really suprised me that the noise from was head height. I braced for a crash. Instead an eagle (tawney?) came flying out of the brush 2 meters from me nearly hitting me and flew down the road. Wow! that was a close one.

Bernice woke the next morning feeling less achy. I think she sees the advantage of some light exercise. After my long day yesterday it helped loosen up my body.

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  1. I'm impressed that Bernice would do even 90 min on a bike. I would not call that 'light exercise'. Byrna