02 May 2010

The end of bicycle adventures?

I thought that the years of building a company were over, the long working hours and stress consuming my time and energy. I was enjoying a slide into retirement. A few years back I could take off several mornings a week and ride, I could go out to lunch and disappear, I could read about bicycles at work, I had 5 fellow cyclists working for me, I would do bike tours.

Somehow, somewhere, that changed and I find myself with twice as much to do at work. Work is eating into my bicycle time. It started slowly early last year, and has gained momentum, until yesterday when I opted to drive instead of ride to an all day meeting on Saturday. I didn't choose bike over work.

The previous weekend I spent two nights in Dar for a meeting on Saturday. That meant only getting in a Sunday afternoon ride.

This week I had to miss a club meeting , the Wednesday morning ride, and Friday and Saturday I even had to pass on bicycle commuting as I had a big annual meeting Friday evening followed by cool down afterwards (read late night drinking). Saturday was a board meeting of a new company and additional load of jobs to do. I could of biked to the Saturday meeting but I was so consumed with work ideas, do I have to drive out of town board members around?

So does this mean bicycling activities will only be commuting and one weekend ride?

Stay tuned.

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