07 September 2010

Where's the bike?

OK, there is not biking in this post but I was thinking about dragging my bike up this trail part way. So my plan is to ride the 80km on the highway, then 10km on rough track, then haul bike up a rocky slope and then ride this ridge up to the forest and camp.
Oh yeah. this is Longido Mtn. It is right next to the Arusha Nairobi highway. On top it has the huge granite rock outcropping with several vertical sides. It was the scene of several WWI battles and the Germans had a fort up in the crater.

I tried to get Bernice and nashesha to come along, but Bernice had something going so Nashesha agreed to go if she could wear this head dress during the trip.

We park on the top of a ridge and cross a ravine with running water (!) and up this ridge.

On the lower slopes the are many aloe Vera plants.

On top of the ridge it is open and not so steep and the views are good except the peak obscured in clouds.

We enter the thick forest and climb steeply up to a ridge that goes up to the summit ridge.

After gaining the ridge we pass through a big valley in thick forest and head steeply up to the ridge. Nashesha says that is enough so we turn back tot he lunch spot and have a great few hours talking, making a fire, and being crazy.

From here we pass though this valley forest and up to the final ridge

I manage to take a nap

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  1. It didn't look like a very comfortable nap spot. :-) Sounded like too many climbs up to ridges. How many hours were you out? I try and walk the stairs during my break at work. After 15 minutes, I'm pooped. I do know that I can walk 'forever' in the woods. Somehow walking on concrete is more exhausting than on the forest trail. Byrna