26 September 2010


Weekend before last Thomas Holden and I rode up Mnt Meru into this fog. I didn't notice it when looking up the mountain on the way up, so the reason I am thinking the fog was my doing.

My mood was "foggy" when we left my house at 7am. I was riding becuase of habit and an agreement to go with Thomas. It was dry and dusty from my house but as we got further into the forest the fog left my body and quickly filled all the space.

I felt so good that I used my phone to take these pictures. From this point it was 30 minutes of single track and then dusty rural tracks through small farms.

Last week I had an immigration issue arise. I suppose the chief investigator was just doing his job but I must say he was aggressive, poking holes in issues that didnt seem to be relevant and threatening. So today I rode hoping to lose some negativeness and it certainly worked. Everyone on the small roads seemed welcoming for me to be passing through. I came home with some perspective to living as a foreigner in Tanzania.

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