25 October 2010

New Cycling Club?

Some months ago as I was coming back on the Makyuni Highway I passed a group of mtn bikers going the other way. I thought that was interesting and a month later my buddy Vincent explains there is a group that meets Sundays and cycles on the road that way.

On Saturday last Vincent forwards me a text.
"Hi Team! Jmpili biking ipo hadi Makyuni.. departure from Makuru Mbauda at 630am.... proper biking gear recommended. Thanks. Mike"

So I decided to check it out. Andrew calls and wants to know if anything is going on so I tell him lets check out this group. My plan is to go on the mtn bike as they seem to use those and play it by ear. Maybe I will leave the group and highway and do a mountain ride.

I realize right away that this is a different group. They show up in landrover defender pick ups, Nissan vans, Toyota VX, and the last guys shows up in a Rover! They have the gear and a sag wagon. They look a bit different than my lean and mean buddies in Arusha Cycling club.

They take off like a bat out of hell and stop in Kisongo. Here we are in Kisongo grouping up. From then on they don't stop often.
For some reason vincent and I have a beer in Kisongo at 830 am.

Next stop is Makyuni. Andrew turns around into a strong wind after 45km and A couple of guys have jumped in the sag wagon and a couple more bail out here. Mike says lets ride on to Mto wa Mbu. But eight of us cruise on to Mto wa Mbu.

I have come without anymoney and these guys are talking about food and waiting for their Van and go back in the evening. The sag wagon takes off with our bikes to do something official in Tarangire. Some of us feel skeptical this group is going to leave anytime soon and second hand we get a express bus to leave 3 seats for us coming from Karatu.

It changes my perspective on who is out there riding.

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