09 September 2011

Another commuter in the family

Nashesha has been saying for a year she is ready to switch from bus to riding her bike to school. I kept thinking the coordination of an escort was complicated.

We live in a town that is mostly safe, but a 12 year old girl riding alone might be tempting thieves. And she has to cross two crazy highways and then ride through some secluded areas. My son Seth did it when he was twelve but that was 15 years ago and he is a boy.

School resumed Monday and we informed the bus that Nashesha would not ride the first week of school in the bus. Today we will tell the bus we thank them for their services but we don't require them anymore. So that means we have another commuter in the family, she has made the commitment.

I rode the first day, and the second day morning went with Paulo and Nashesha, but Paulo met her and rode shotgun on the ride home. I left word she should call when she got home, so i would know she wa safe. She called but thought i was crazy.

The next day I text her in the late afternoon, "Mambo? How was the ride home?"

I get response back "Fine. Im grown up now! ok?"

I have to stop worrying about her commuting to school by bike.

We still have the issue of when it is raining, what to do about feet and pants but have some time to figure that out.

Today is friday, and I need to be in office early, and she is fun to ride with so i ride with her to school just for fun. I leave her at the road to lock her bike herself and ride into town.

Which is another story. I pass long long lines of slow moving traffic. How do you put up with it people? I figure i spent 25 minutes from school to my office and people in cars 40min.


  1. I don't blame you. It's hard to let go when they become independent before 'your' ready.

  2. Bernice my wife has this week off. So three times so far she has also rode to school. Today we did it on the tandem. Shesha doesn't want us to come into the school anymore. She says " you guys don't have to go any further."

    Today Bernice and I didnt cross the last highway with her. So she did the last 200 meters SOLO!!