13 September 2011

Mika am waiting for you to ride to SA.

What's it called when you tick off one of those items from the "To do list before I die"? This is Mika Peterson who helped me tick off climbing the big diagonal crack on Longido. I need him to help me do the ride to South Africa. Not becuase I need his physical help but because he will just someday say, "Okay we go next week" and we will go. That is what happened with Longido crack.

Mika is about as cool a godson an old man could ask for. He is ~23 now, strong as all get out, dred locks to his shoulders, likes the bush, and is so mellow. His only drawback is he is too sought after by women, so he is not always available.

If you climb far enough on Mnt Meru you get to ride in this.

And then of course you get a screaming single track through trees, but we have only a few weeks left as the soil turns to dust..


  1. Anonymous4:11 am

    What else do you have to scratch off your 'bucket list'?

  2. Ah, "bucket list".
    Of the top of my head
    -ride to SA by bicycle
    -stop drinking alcohol
    -design and build low cost house