05 October 2011

New commuting vehicle

Yesterday I was in my workshop at 0630 and by 1030 I had a temporary commuting bicycle. I specifically needed fenders and a rack. I used Bernice's' old bike that had been dismantled waiting for spares some years ago . Actually this is the first mtn bike I had, it is a Everest mtn bike, no shocks, 7speed.

It is too small for me, which kind of surprised me as when i first started riding again in the 90's it was on this bike. I just didn't know it was too small.

I put on a small front rack and tried a pannier on one side. hardly affected the handling, so now i know. Today i took a computer bag and stood it up on the rack and it wasn't as good but less bike geeky looking.

Picture tomorrow.

New Philosophy. stay away from bags that look like they have a computer in them. So i wont use this bag. Looking for a gunia (gunny sack) to use.

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