02 October 2011

Steal anything but my commuting bike!

Thursday night at 8 pm my mtn bike / commutting bike of 13 years was stolen at the shoprite complex.

I always lock my bike. Somehow when we moved from Empire club after a meeting for Elvis's around the world trip to a wine bar I didnt lock it. I put it right outside the door, and was only going to stay a few minutes. Maybe it was the 2 beers before.

Anyway GONE. I was so shocked and pissed. the next morning I could not function. It had all my commuting kit i have been acquiring for some years. Rain gear, lights, pump, tube, reflective sash, etc.

So now i am commuting on my race bike until i can figure out another bike.

Kind of a bad time for it to happen as I dont have excess cash right now and my credit card dont work so i can't order the lights and stuff on line.

Oh well, it is just a "thing" and maybe i have too many things.

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