31 January 2012


Today I was invisible to one driver. He was waiting to turn onto the road and looking down the road, but he never made contact with my bike on the shoulder. It was not close at all but I had to slow a kph or two to stay clear. I didn't like being invisible.

Later I wished I was invisible when I was noticed by young men who like to call out to me. I want to be invisible. Not sure what the joy is in getting my attention, or is it something else.

I think riding a bike in Arusha is a humbling experience. Riding a bicycle makes me less "important" or significant to people in cars. Friends don't see me, drivers think it is no problem to cut me off as I am going slow anyway and I am not a threat of damage to their car, and their business is more important than mine. I think it is healthy for me, gives me some balance in life. I have too much power over some people, but on the road I have little power on my bike.

Which a few times has gotten me thinking, how considerate of cars and drivers am I. Can I ride a bit different so I make their drive time easier. How often do I make them wait for me to pass?

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