20 January 2012

Me of all people

I am the one who says "ride to the ride" and "lets scrap vehicle support". The vehicle support saved me from an unpleasant trip back to Arusha.

Our club decided to do a two day mtn bike tour with one vehicle. (in actual fact Thomas had a visitor who he owed favors and didn't want to risk a trip without a vehicle bailout).

We leave ngaremtoni/tpri on that road and make the blue line. We gain and lose 800m before mid morning break in Monduli town. Fantastic track.

Laizer stops and does some ploughing with oxen while others ride by.

Rollers and rollers up to the forest and then more rollers.

Finally we get to scream fast into monduli town.

After food we climb 400m up to monduli juu on a big graveled road. We are spread out over the climb. So we have to wait at monduli juu village and it is market day.

After setting off i notice my pedal is funny, and find the pedal has stripped out of the crank arm! I get a spanner from the car that has joined us here and it seems firm. It loosens in a few meters. I put the bike on top of car until we finish the last few hills.

then i coast and am pushed by two riders on the short uphills. The rest of the ride to camp is down hill and i zip tie my pedal on.

Without support i would of been sitting in small buses for the rest of that day. Instead I went to camp, showered, drank beer and tried to superglue the pedal on with dental floss packing and ashes. It was guaranteed to work but it lasted two pedal turns.

The next day i sat in pickup following my buddies to a water point and then they went off cross country into an unknown area to us, and we in the landrover pickup drove back to arusha.


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