05 April 2012

Stubborn or Fortitude?

Wednesday morning is my day to take the morning off and meet with my club at 7am and ride ~60km. Mostly the middle part is allot of interval training.

Yesterday it was raining hard and another age challenged rider said he wasn't going. Nashesha was having issues getting out the door and on her bike, so decided to ride with her to school and then ride alone for couple of hours.

It rained lightly all the way to her school and then started to rain harder and harder as I rode towards Oldonyo Sambu.

Eventually it was pouring and blowing at me. I had on a rain jacket but my shorts were soaked. It occurred that maybe I should just turn around but I kept going .

I then reflected upon the fact I just kept going out of stubbornness. I suppose that is how i get through everything in life. I just keep going .

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